Adam and Andrew Lipinski, identical music-making twins currently living in Orlando, are anything but cookie-cutter copycats.  Naturally competitive, they strive to make each component of their music stronger and better. Their songs benefit from this oneupsmanship. Their song, “Bang Bang,” was named the August 2013 Song Of The Month by ( ). ASCAP's Prestigious ASCAP PLUS AWARD  and “Honorable mentions” by the largest song competitions are some of many kudos they’ve racked up for their songs and/or performances.

It’s all about the songs for A vs A – their brand is their song strength.

Style? Can’t nail it down. Their influences are wide, and their preferred style knows no boundaries. A vs A have lived in Pittsburgh and Columbus, drawing inspiration from those cities’ music scenes as well as from Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, country music, Broadway musicals, love lost or found, the thrill of a motocross race, the solitude of a pool or ocean swell, and the milieu of a mid-20’s creative lifestyle. VH1 Music has deemed them The Mary-Kate and Ashley of music. Their acoustic-based, arena-POP/ rock, singer- songwriter sound is a mix between OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons and Ed Sheeran.

Reach? They have over two dozen placements in different MTV Series and award-winning indie movies. Credits include performing shows with artists The Fray and Pitbull, shout outs from Romeo (Saturday Night Online), over 640,000 views on YouTube, and they are played all over college radio stations, TV shows. Not enough? Their music is featured on a ride at Universal Studios!

Fans? Definitely! Their live shows can sell out a 250-seat venue weeks before the event. On Top of the killer placements these brothers have landed they have also garnered fans from their features by, and MTV Soundtrack!

Work ethic? Doubled down! Last year they completed 5 albums to showcase the diversity of their songwriting, each with a different theme: Hip-Hop, Pop-Rock, Indie Folk, Mainstream Pop and Acoustic. Not only did they write, produce, and record all of these songs in their home studio, they also packaged discs, designed artwork, and distributed physical copies 100% on their own.  A&A have released 8 Albums  in the Last 3 years under the band name Ratham Stone. With many more songs to come!

Competitive? It’s always been this way for them having started in their pre-teen years. They didn’t have a shy bone in their bodies. Whether performing in talent shows or jumping off tables to impress the babysitter, they loved entertaining. That thrill was taken to a new level when they started riding competitive motocross as teens. In fact, some of their best and most satisfying relationships had their beginnings on the Dirt Bike track. They write music that appeals to peers from all sections of their lives.

What’s next? Stay tuned! After finishing in the top 24 out of thousands of submissions in VH1’s Make A Band Famous competition in New York City early in June, these prolific and likeable dudes are always on the lookout for an exciting and energizing project to get their competitive creativity into overdrive.

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